01 June 2008

Faculty Led Tour

Yesterday morning I went for another walk. Stumbled upon this gem:

After getting my normal breakfast of Lo Bou Gao (萝蛋糕) (It's only NT25!) Professor Smith took us on another tour of our district. He gave us a tutorial on the Subway and took us to Chiang Kai Shek Memoria Hall, which I'd already visited. However, I took some more pics, this time with my classmates in them. The lighting's better in the middle of the day, too.

After this, my group split off and went to a huge bookstore, with a lot of English books, but sadly, many of the books were for Chinese speakers learning English (go figure), so there were few resources for bridging the language gap from my direction. Oh well, I got a Chinese Chinese dictionary, which will be useful when I have to read in Chinese without hearing the words first. We then went to a Japanese restaurant, where I got this really good dish with rice, raw fish, seaweed, and roe. it came in a really hot stone bowl so it all cooked together when you stirred it. I'd have taken pictures of this leg of the trip, but my memory card stopped working, and I didn't have my backup. So this part was a blind stretch, but relax, there are more pics...

After that, it was off to find the Berkenstock store by NTNU to ease my aching feet. I got a pair of clogs, because both the pairs of shoes that I brought had given me blisters on my heels. And back to my room to get my other memory card--following which I hopped on the subway to Taipei City Hall where it was only a short walk to Taipei 101. 

This building was the tallest in the world up until last year. Kinda cool from below, but as you can see, it was too cloudy to make it worth a trek up to the top. Another day...

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