30 May 2008

我到了! (I have arrived!)

Hi to all! I arrived last night at around 7:00 pm Taiwan time (7:00am EST), and we were ushered into a bus and had a rainy ride to NTNU. After arriving and getting all of our stuff inside (soaking wet) we went out to the night markets to buy umbrellas and get something to eat. A hearty meal of 牛肉飯 (beef and rice) we returned to our rooms to unpack and get some sleep.
I woke up this morning shortly after sunrise and have been snapping photos on my NEW CAMERA!! and answering emails this morning. Now I'm sipping Oolong tea (Taiwan's famous for the stuff) and wrting to all of you!

Oh, here are some of those pics:

A balcony view

3rd floor hallway

I like the blue in this one.

Check out all the motorbike parking!

Hope you are well. More updates to come!



jake said...

Josh the picts from belly button level are awesome, they have that candid feel that holding the camera at eye level can't get. Keep up the good work with that new camera bro........love ya..dad

fhfh said...
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